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THUNDERHEAD The Hangmen raid the vault and release cover of Gun Club’s “Thunderhead” and preciously unreleased studio version of “She Walks”. 
Hangmen singer Bryan Small – “My love Jefferey Lee Pierce and Gun Club started with Fire Of Love which completely turned my world upside down. It was everything I thought music should be. It was frightening, dark and dangerous yet I felt comforted by it. Like I had found “My“ music. I couldnt get enough.


CACTUSVILLE 2019 marks the release of Cactusville and another chapter of The Hangmen legend continues. Small has taken his brand of songwriting to another level, putting him in an artistic class with the likes of Tom Petty and Neil Young as purveyors of the honest and simple.  The title track Cactusville recants the tale of The Hangmen first tour in Tuscon, AZ where audience members included Supersuckers-to-be Eddie Spaghetti and Eric Martin.  Small explains the song, “Eric and Ed knew the deal, we got fucked up in Cactusville,” then after a run in with a gun-toting father, Small tags the song, “It’s The Hangmen he wanted to kill, we got run out of Cactusville.”