The Hangmen raid the vault and release cover of Gun Club’s “Theubderhead” and preciously unreleased studio version of “She Walks”. 
Hangmen singer Bryan Small – “My love Jefferey Lee Pierce and Gun Club started with Fire Of Love which completely turned my world upside down. It was everything I thought music should be. It was frightening, dark and dangerous yet I felt comforted by it. Like I had found “My“ music. I couldnt get enough.
ACETATE RECORDS, 2019 The Hangmen set to release their 7th album, Cactusville on CD, digital and colored vinyl LP. For over 30 years, The Hangmen’s combination of punk rock ferocity and country/roots music puts them in an artistic class with the likes of other Los Angeles greats X, Gun Club and Social Distortion.

1. Cactusville
2. Lookin’ For Blood
3. Man In Black’s Hand
4. Nobody’s Girl
5. Death Valley
6. Cold Memory Blues
7. Don’t Count Me Out
8. Black Boots
9. Don’t Look Back
ACETATE RECORDS, 2012 Joined by ex-Supersucker Rontrose Heathman, L.A. natives The Hangmen The band’s 6th release smashes together singer Bryan Small’s lurid love songs with unsparing, unsentimental blasts that shine a light into the dark and seedy corners of modern day Los Angeles.
1. Homesick Blues
2. I’m Your Man
3. Had A Girl
4. Graverobbers
5. Drink, Smoke
6. Railroad Man
7. Betrayed
8. Big Red Rooster
9. She Cracked
10. Haunted

18 tracks (3 previously unreleased) plus testimonials from Hangmen fans Mike Ness (Social Distortion), Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers), Rob Younger (Radio Birdman), Keith Morris (Circle Jerks/Black Flag) and Chris D. (Flesheaters).

Produced by Social Distortion’s Mike Ness!

In The City is a raw collection of seven new tracks from this legendary Los Angeles band. Includes “I Wanna Be Loved”, “King Of The Road”, “In The City” plus music video for “The Devil”!

Thirteen tracks from the legendary Los Angeles band The Hangmen. An unapologetic collection of songs that range from live favorites “Blood Red” and “Sleepin’ On The Floor” to the dirgy “I Just Wanna Feel Good” and “Yes, I Do”.

BACK IN PRINT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A DECADE! 16 blistering tracks from the influential L.A. band, includes tracks from their out of print Capitol Records debut, plus unreleased and alternate versions and an appearance by Eddie Spaghetti of the Supersuckers).

FIRST TIME EVER ON VINYL! The long awaited follow up to their influential Capitol Records debut. LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE!
1. Downtown
2. Bliss
3. Broke, Drunk & Stoned
4. Bent
5. Shoot
6. Loners, Junkies & Liquor Stores
7. I Luv U
8. Is That All There is?
9. Russian Roulette
10. Blue Light
Record Label: Capitol Records, Inc. 1989 the album debut of the band-

1.-Desperation Town
2.-Coal Mine
3.-Walking In The Woods
4.-Tell Me What You Want
5.-It’s Over For You
6.-Last Drive
7.-My Way
8.- Rotten Sunday
9.-Kiss From You
10.- Cry Cry Cry
11.- Slow Death
12.- Lonely